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Outdoor Trade Show

2006 - present


Following the success of organising The Tent Show at Stoneleigh, MCS was approached to work in conjunction with a group of key outdoor equipment suppliers on the concept of launching a trade show for the outdoor industry.

MCS has organised the OTS since its inception in 2006. The show has grown from 46 exhibitors and 620 visitors to a  peak of 136 exhibitors and 1500 visitors. In 2018 the show moved from the first time in its 12 years from Stoneleigh Park to EventCity, Manchester.

The Brief
As this was a new concept, MCS’s brief was largely self-driven, reporting to a small management group of representatives from the founding companies for direction and guidance. MCS’s brief involved the overall launch from concept to reality of the Outdoor Trade Show with responsibility for all aspects of organisation, implementation and marketing.

This involved the following actions:

• Development of a corporate identity
• Research and negotiation of contract terms with a suitable venue
• Selling of stand space to prospective exhibitors
• Research and appointment of sub-contractors and subsequent liaison
• Marketing literature for visitors and exhibitors
• On-site management

As well as organising and managing the show, MCS plans awards and mini events within the show to further engage with exhibitors and visitors, making the experience as interactive and productive as possible for all involved.
OTS Novel Awards
The OTS Novel Awards give exhibitors the opportunity to submit their latest product innovations to various categories to be judged by industry experts. The awards are then presented by a well-known personality in the industry sector.
UK Outdoor Industry Awards
Launched in 2015, the UK Outdoor Industry Awards replace the existing OTS Novel Awards, and encompass the whole outdoor industry, creating the ultimate outdoor awards with a combination of trade and consumer elements. All products entered for the UK Outdoor Industry Awards are initially showcased at OTS, where a panel of expert judges select finalists from each category. The finalists in each of the ten categories will then be displayed for consumers to see and vote for their favourite products at The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show. Finally, the winners of each category will be officially announced during the OIA Conference.
Since its launch in 2006, the Outdoor Trade Show has gained significant momentum, attracting over 11, 900 visitors over the 10 years.

2006 – One exhibition hall of 3,100 sqm, 46 exhibitors, 621 visitors
2007 – Moved to larger exhibition hall of 4,500sqm, 86 exhibitors, 888 visitors
2008 – Increased visitor attendance to 1096
2009 – Tenancy of two exhibition halls, 105 exhibitors and 1269 visitors
2010 – Increase to 120 exhibitors and 1427 visitors
2011- 12% increase in exhibitor attendance to 136
2012 – Slight increase in visitors’ attendance to 1294
2013 – Increase to 133 exhibitors and increase in visitor attendance to 1395
2014 – Further increase in visitors to 1399
2015 – Record number of 25 outdoor exhibitors
2016- 100 exhibitors and 965 visitors
2017- Increase to 111 exhibitors, 884 visitors
2018 - Increase to 118 exhibitors, 950 visitors
2019 - Increase to 131 exhibitors and increase in visitors to 990

GP Batteries

Company Description

GP Batteries is a world-leading battery supplier that develops and manufactures batteries and battery-related products, producing over 4 billion batteries a year and is the world’s fourth largest rechargeable battery supplier.  The company recently launched its GPDesign brand for its range of premium products.

PR Brief
MCS started working with GP in 2017 to help them launch their new GP Design range of professional grade torches to the outdoor trade and consumer markets. MCS was initially tasked with promoting and building awareness of GP’s beam handheld torch range. As new products were introduced to the range, including headtorches and powerbanks, MCS’s remit broadened to all products in GP’s range in the outdoor, lifestyle and retail markets.
PR Objectives
• To launch the Beam range of torches to the UK outdoor trade and consumer audiences
• To promote the Red Dot Award to trade and consumer audiences as an endorsement of quality
• To encourage interest from key trade buyers and journalists
• To enhance the profile of the brand
• To generate visibility in the trade and consumer media for the range of products
• To stimulate trade sell-in and retail sell-through
As part of the initiative to introduce GP Batteries to the outdoor market, MCS ran a campaign to promote and publicise the brand as well as its products, through press releases, product placement and hosting press appointments at trade exhibitions. The products were well received by both the media and consumers and subsequently in 2018 MCS was tasked with promoting GP’s new ‘Recharge the Outdoors’ campaign, which challenges the outdoor industry to only sell and buy eco-friendly rechargeable batteries in order to reduce the vast amount being sent to landfill each year in the UK.

The campaign was launched at the 2018 OIA Conference and has since gained momentum with both the trade and consumers becoming more aware about the ecological impact of batteries being sent to landfill and the importance of switching to eco-friendly rechargeable, and retailers pledging to switch to only selling rechargeable batteries.

Following the successful launch of GP Batteries into the outdoor market, MCS took on promotion of GP’s products in the retail trade market.

MCS is continuing to promote GP’s ‘Recharge’ campaign as well as push its growing range of products to the outdoor, retail and wider lifestyle markets and has to date achieved over 41,977,987 viewing opportunities and nearly £200,000 worth of editorial coverage.
PR Brief
The brief for the Crocs account changed as the company evolved from one shoe model to a footwear brand. MCS’ brief was to launch the original Crocs style to different markets, from outdoor to lifestyle and from watersports to fashion. As the company launched new models into the market, the brief incorporated the promotion of kids’ summer styles, women’s winter boots and sports flip flops amongst others. The corporate promotion of the brand in the financial press as well as specific projects such as launching new lines, celebrity seeding and store launches all formed part of MCS’s brief.
PR Objectives
• To launch the Crocs brand in the UK market
• To position Crocs as a fun and functional footwear
• To launch new styles and evolve into a ‘footwear brand’
• To stimulate demand for all the product ranges
From 2006 – 2008, MCS achieved over 250 pages of coverage for Crocs in national newspapers, fashion magazines and financial press, providing 172 million opportunities to see and £2,014,985 advertising equivalent.


Company Description

Crocs is the leading brand in the moulded footwear market. Crocs was launched in the UK in 2006 and MCS worked with the brand since it launched until 2010.


MCS creates effective campaigns and organises events that deliver outstanding results.

Credibly innovate granular internal or “organic” sources whereas high standards in web-readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with optimal networks.

Mark Held
General Secretary of the European Outdoor Group

Helpful and efficient, MCS are always quick to respond to product and information requests which is so key for editorial teams.

Phoebe Smith
Writer & Broadcaster

MCS provides a fast, effective and responsive PR service…and they’re nice people to deal with too.

Nigel Thompson
Travel Writer, Daily Mirror

I must have been dealing with MCS for over a decade now. I can’t think of a single instance where they’ve let me down. There’s a genuine team spirit here and an understanding that, when journalists ask questions, they want answers – and fast. When it comes to the outdoors market, this is a top-quality set-up based on individuals who really know their stuff and aren’t afraid to be pro-active.

Nick Harding
Freelance Journalist, Camping and Caravanning Sector

Covering outdoor equipment for national consumer magazines means dealing with many different brands – hundreds, even – and that can be a frustrating process. MCS simplifies that task, providing me with exactly what I need in an efficient, professional yet friendly manner. The staff there have a keen understanding of my requirements as a writer, and of what their client needs in terms of getting their product out there. In the world of outdoor PR, few companies come close to the quality of service provided by MCS.

John Manning
Editor, Lakeland Walker

We find MCS very efficient and well respected in the Outdoor industry.  They are proactive in managing contacts within the press and we have found their ‘Gear Alert’ mail outs an effective way of communicating with journalists to highlight new products.

Nick Bramwell
Director, Bramwell International

Despite being located at the other end of the country to RW Towers, MCS has always provided Runner’s World with a courteous and professional service, treading the fine line between knowing when to plug their clients’ products in a proactive way, and when not to chase an opportunity that probably doesn’t exist.

Kerry McCarthy
Senior Writer, Runners World

MCS never fail to engage the enthusiasm of the press and trade. Years of experience, market knowledge and product insight merge in well thought out campaigns that ensure year round exposure for Snugpak.

Darren Burrell
Sales Director,  Snugpak

I’ve found MCS to be helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their clients’ products and the market at large. They are proactive without over-selling and extremely responsive when I’ve had queries. MCS is always on my short-list of go-to PRs when deadlines are tight.

Mark Harris
Freelance, The Independent

As editor of Outdoor i, the leading trade newsletter, swift and accurate communication is vital. The MCS team provide an invaluable source of information and news from their client portfolio. Being at the sharp end of good and bad PR I know that I can rely on accurate information from MCS when I need it, and that helps to make my life a lot easier!

Peter Luscombe
Editor, Outdoor i

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