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Company description:

Crocs is the leading brand in the moulded footwear market. Crocs was launched in the UK in 2006 and MCS worked with the brand since it launched until 2010.

PR Brief:

The brief for the Crocs account changed as the company evolved from one shoe model to a footwear brand. MCS’ brief was to launch the original Crocs style to different markets, from outdoor to lifestyle and from watersports to fashion. As the company launched new models into the market, the brief incorporated the promotion of kids’ summer styles, women winter boots and sports flip flops amongst others. The corporate promotion of the brand in the financial press as well as specific projects such as launching new lines, celebrity seeding and store launches all formed part of MCS’s brief.

PR Objectives:

• to launch the Crocs brand in the UK market

• to position Crocs as a fun and functional footwear

• to launch new styles and evolve into a ‘footwear brand’

• to stimulate demand for all the product ranges


From 2006 – 2008, MCS achieved over 250 pages of coverage for Crocs in national newspapers, fashion magazines and financial press providing 172 million opportunities to see and £2,014,985 advertising equivalent.